Anesthesia Services and Perioperative Care throughout New York

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Trusted, Board–Certified Anesthesiologists Where and When You Need Them

Hudson is an organization of board–certified anesthesiologists committed to delivering anesthesia care to patients throughout New York while prioritizing:


Safety and Effectiveness of Care


A Positive Impact on the Patient Experience


Timeliness and Efficiency


Improved Outcomes

About Us

Our approach to partnering with surgical practices includes identifying the specific needs of our clients and formulating a plan to provide effective, high quality anesthesia coverage to meet those needs. After executing the plan by scheduling our experienced, board–certified anesthesiologists, we measure safety and quality performance continuously.

Adapting to an expanding regulatory environment is challenging for all healthcare practices and organizations. Hudson has a dedicated team of seasoned administrative personnel dedicated to complying and adapting to:

  • Accreditation guidelines
  • State and federal government mandates
  • Quality reporting requirements
  • Surprise and balance billing law regulations

Logistics for office–based anesthesia is handled by experienced anesthesia technologists with several decades of combined experience at some of New York’s leading medical centers.

We manage equipment, supplies and medications in a non–obtrusive manner and store frequently backordered items in surplus to avoid critical shortages and interruptions in care.

Hudson is committed to addressing the rapid changes taking place in healthcare and adapting in a manner that will minimize the impact to client surgical practices and patient care quality.

Our anesthesiologists have trained at the nation’s top university–based anesthesia departments. Many have received subspeciality training and all are experienced and comfortable working independently in outpatient surgical settings.


Achieving optimum outcomes is paramount. However, the processes by which we partner with our surgical clients to achieve such outcomes is a priority as well. Our board–certified anesthesiologists and our experienced, dedicated administrative team measure key clinical data points such as on–time case starts and delayed patient discharge. We collaborate with our clients and staff to improve and refine our delivery of care using this data as an objective measure of performance. We get periodic feedback from our clients in the form of performance surveys and work with our clinical team to improve our delivery of anesthesia care.

Why work with Hudson? We have an established track record of adapting to the rapid changes in healthcare, we have demonstrated a commitment to following best practice care guidelines, and we bring institution-level safety standards to the outpatient anesthesia setting. Our thirty-five plus board-certified, subspecialty trained, and experienced anesthesiologists are at your service. Along with our surgeon partners, our thousands of satisfied patients will vouch for our quality, efficiency, and compassion.


We have team of experienced and communicative credentialing specialists to ensure you have the appropriate documentation on hand to meet accreditation requirements.


All scheduling is done with the needs of the surgical practice and patients in mind. We strive to be there on the day and time you need us.


All patient questions are answered promptly, and billing is performed in a manner compliant with all state and federal regulations, including the No Surprises Act.

Billing is handled internally to increase efficiency and contain costs. The billing team consists of tech savvy personnel with decades of combined experience in claims submission and follow up.

Supply Logistics:

Hudson’s anesthesia technologists include experienced members of ASATT, the American Society of Anesthesia Technologists and Technicians. As a qualified team, they have proven themselves many times over during the pandemic by being able to secure needed equipment, supplies and medications for our clients. We respect the client’s space and store and replenish items as rapidly as needed.

Healthcare Technology:

Hudson embraces and leverages technology to improve the anesthesia care process. Cloud–based EMR integration, data management, innovative mobile apps , and information security have become engrained in our DNA. We are committed to improving efficiency through digital tools in a manner that benefits patient care and surgeon satisfaction.

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